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About 17173.com

As a famous portal of MMORPG, 17173.com is game players'' favorite access to information and communication. According to the latest statistics in ALEXA, 17173.com ranks 1st among Chinese online game groups and exceeds far from its opponents.

As an authorized internet game medium, 17173.com has held 6 ӡChina MMORPG Marketing Investigationsӱ and 3 ӡChina MMORPG Company Investigationsӱ together with CGPAӢIresearch.com and other famous internet media. The statistics from these investigations were widely referred by official media.

Because of its vast effect on MMORPG, over 100 large websites in China would transship the news and game data from 17173.com.

In July, 2006, PV of 17173.com had reached 60 million per day and now it has reached over 70 million stably. Now 17173.com has over 300 game zones and 30 million VIP users. That makes 17173.com renowned as the top Chinese on-line game website.

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Created On : Wed Aug 01 2007
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