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Artworks or PCs?
With new technologies and products coming up, the appearence of PC becomes the determining factor in market.

When talking about PC, we can''''''''''''''''t skip its fast development. With new technologies and products coming up, the wonderful Moore Law changes the market constantly, makeing computer an home appliance.A lot of people now have well-configured computers. They use it for study and entertainment.But when you look at your PC, do you find something missing?
The answer is personality. On matter it''''''''''''''''s whole-brought from stores or DIY, except for the breakthrough or performance, the manufacturers of computers and hardwares have realized that the characterized appearence will be a plus in the market.
The best example would be Apple products.The comsumers not only accept the premium prices, but also scramble for them when new products launched. Why?
As we can see, now more and more computers are better-looking, as well as satisfying performance. As the customers are greatly pleased, their competitiveness is greatly increased.
Now let''''''''''''''''s show you some PCs which can be called artworks.



Voodoo PC

Alienware ALX

Article by : 17173
Created On : Fri Aug 31 2007
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