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Video:3-year-old boy Playing WOW

There are three videos about a 3-year-old kid playing World of Warcraft online. According to his mom, this little guy has a great sense of directions. When playing the game together, the kid always showed road for his mother. 

Here are the words from his mother:

Hello everyone! I am his mother. I am writing this to communicate with you to discuss about kid playing games. My son is now three years and several months. When he was two years and three months old, I have already let him start playing with computer. When he started playing, we didn''t teach him anything. He all learned by himself. Now he can go to quest, set the keys, trade virtual items,  go to auction...all of these he was learned by himself, or asking me and his Dad. He likes to ask questions. When he saw we playing new maps, he would ask where it''s. And surprisingly, he can memorize most of the maps ine WoW. One of the most wonderful thing is that he can tell the classes of characters who goes quest together from their icons. I have been wondering about how he can do this. I asked a lot of people, many of them can only do this throgh the word introduction. Oh, I almost forgot, this little guy plays all the classes and races in WOW.

In fact, I put these videos online just for one player who PK with my kid. That day, the two were playing for a long time. I think it''s funny and tell him through my character that he was playing with a kid. He didn''t believe me, saying that I was fooling him. So I took some videos of his character playing with my kid, and put them on 17173.com. I didn''t except so many comments.

Many people worry about me letting the kid playing games. Thanks for your concern. Actually, I have though about it too. First of all, I respect my kid. I think he has the right to choose what to play and what to do. ( Not any game, but this one is beautiful, not so violent.) in fact, he loves to play many things, games are just one thing. You should see he playing car-racing. He also likes to learn. First thing in the morning, he will read the book for me. It''s the fact that kids alway like rebellion. If you ask him not to, then he will do it. But if you give him freedom, maybe he will not do it instead. After all, I will never against my child for playing games, but if he to indulged in it, I will give him some control.

I want to thank this game. Because of it, my son learn the computer operation, and during the process of playing, he learnd a lot and know how to help others and cooperate with others.

At last, I want to clarify that my son is not a genius. In fact, every kid is the same. They can play  with any thing you give to them. Every kid is smart angels. I love kids!

Thank you all!

Article by : 17173
Created On : Mon Mar 03 2008
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