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Diablo III 1.04 This Month

The Diablo III Website has the first of the promised updates on the upcoming version 1.04 patch for Diablo III, which they say "is still a few weeks away," though they later specify the fourth week of August. The post gives an overview of things they are changing, including removing the averaging of gold find for a group, shrinking the gap between normal monsters and Elite packs (making normals less of a joke and elites less of a nightmare), dealing with some of the more difficult affixes, addressing the insanely small chance of finding anything useful, making two-handed weapons viable, getting rid of enrage timers, improving future legendary items, and finding ways to make some unused skills more useful and/or appealing. Here's the summary:
These are really just a few of the topline systems changes well be making in 1.0.4, and we hope youre looking forward to them as much as we are. Well of course have a lot more info coming at you in the weeks ahead on Legendary items, classes and more, as well as some interviews well be holding shortly before the patch goes live C which, by the way, is currently targeted for the fourth week of August.

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Created On : Sun Aug 12 17:43:29 2012
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